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Victor Farmington Preschool - a quality provider of preschool education.

About your teacher: Jeanne Christman, MS Ed.

Miss Jeanne lives in Farmington, NY and has been a Special Education Itinerant Teacher for a combination of 10 years. Teaching preschool is a passion that led her to open VFP in 2016. Her experience at the preschool level and working with other professionals such as, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech language therapists has helped her develop strategies to assist children in learning to the best of their abilities.

About the Program:

Our program focuses on learning through play and experiences. We aim to provide different learning environments including the classroom, the park, and field trips. This provides opportunities to learn academics and social emotional skills in different settings. It is important to assist preschoolers in their social / emotional development so that they can focus more on academics when they reach primary school years.

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